Monday, July 5, 2010

A baby and a puppy. Is there anything cuter?

Dad found this Black Lab puppy at the Laurel Feed Store and I wanted to see him too! Katie came with and we brought Macy so she could meet a puppy for the first time!
LOVE this baby's excitement for life! She was THRILLED to meet this darling little puppy and squealed and giggled and smiled the whole time! People kept stopping to watch Macy and the dog saying there really is nothing cuter than that. I agree.

She was pretty good with him. Of course she wanted to touch his nose and then he would lick her and kind of nip her fingers and she would frown at him. Then, just start smiling again and pet him somewhere else. :)

She wouldn't take her eyes off him! If you're interested, $300.00! :) (The puppy, not my baby)
Macy saying, "Bye bye puppy, nice to meet you!"


  1. Thanks for the "for sale" clarification! Seriously adorable pictures too. Love em!

  2. WHAT???? Grandpa didn't buy Macy the puppy!!!! Was it a boy or girl - oh that's right - you wouldn't know! :-)