Friday, July 23, 2010

A quick triplet...and Luke visit!

Heidi came to Lynden for the quickest trip yet this week! Her friend was here from Idaho and they hadn't met all of each other's kids yet so she took her helper Rachel and braved the mountains and a 4 hours drive with 4 kids and they stopped by our house for a pit-stop! It is always SO GOOD to see the Gales and I love to watch the kids grow.

After lunch and play-time in our neighborhood's little kid park thing, we were chatting and Luke came into the room saying, "Hey, Guys! It's a cape!" He had found my Hooter Hider! So funny! I said, "It's Captain Hooter Hider!" We laughed pretty hard at that darling boy. He is taking swim lessons this summer and told me all about "Monster Arms" and "Ice Cream Scoops." Luke helped watch Macy and let her jump on him in her Jumperoo for at least an hour. The girls loved seeing the "BABY" and kept trying to say Macy.
Ellie had a turn with the "cape" and I even got a smile! I think first time ever! Ellie is still very into books, and I think she's past 100 words. She knew everything from shirt, airplane, to what a horse says. I couldn't believe how many words she knew and how she was saying so much on demand. Amazing!
Annie is doing wonderful too. She is so quick to smile and knows every single body part! You say, "Where is your nose?" and she scrunches it up! So darling! Annie wasn't feeling the best this day and was more cuddly than usual. She still loves her Mommy and was a little bothered when Heidi was holding Macy. She was probably thinking, "Oh no you don't, we are enough!!!"
I think Abs is the funniest triplet right now. She is incredibly adventurous. She is always thinking, trying to figure things out, exploring, seeing new stuff and learning how it works. It seems like all the girls like shoes but we looked over at one point and Abbie had found Gabe's sandals and was wearing them around! I was late with the camera but you get the point.

The picture above is one of my favorites. About Abs being so funny. They have this joke with her, she is always happy, smiling, trotting around doing her thing and when she comes to you, you can say, "Abbie, give us THE FACE" and she goes from this happy, darling girl to the biggest grump you've ever seen. We laugh and laugh and laugh and she'll HOLD the face for a good minute before cracking up! It is the funniest thing I've ever seen! We made her do it at least 6 times and it was hilarious. I have got to get it on video.

Heidi thought Macy was much louder than she was a month ago. Macy is making all kinds of dinasour sounds and lets you know she's there, she's happy, she's hungry, she's tired! It's still cute, but she's not the silent wonder she used to be!
For once, Annie got to borrow something of Macy's! She needed a shirt since all their stuff was packed away and I thought this looked darling on Annie.

It was a very quick trip but so good to see them all. Next time will be another month at the family reunion in Wenatchee. I'm sure I'll have 100's of pictures after that weekend!

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