Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Although Gabe is working more than ever it seems these days, he has been really helping me out as much as possible with errands and the grocery store/Walmart/Costco "shuffle" as my friend Tanya calls it! I used to love doing errands and hitting lots of places in one day! I would actually save up my list until I could make a day of it and loved checking each place off as I finished my list. These days? Not so much. I DREAD the thought of three places to go in one day as it throws Macy off schedule and isn't nearly as "fun" to wait in line, realize that the first grocery store doesn't carry golden mushroom soup, or pectin, get caught in a downpour, have to go to the bathroom somewhere outside Target and how DOES someone do that with an infant in a carseat?... All that to say, life has changed and now I think Gabe is being incredibly romantic when he offers to go to Costco or anywhere else for me!

So, the other day after he finished getting everything on my list (on night shift no less) I was unpacking the bags and came across the hot chocolate above. I was a little puzzled as it's July and Gabe isn't much for random purchases. I said, "Hon, are you bringing this to work?" He goes, "No, you had COCOA on your list." I died laughing. I wanted to make those no-bake cookies using cocoa powder!!!! He just shook his head. Katie was there and we were laughing and laughing as I said, "I wondered why you would want to drink hot chocolate when it's 80 degrees outside!" He finally got it and laughed too. It was by far the funny of the day!

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  1. That still makes me giggle out loud! So funny, Gabe. Love it!