Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally caught up...

It's been very busy around here mostly just taking care of Macy while Gabe is at work. He has been doing tons of overtime and out of this week off, worked 5 days. He starts nights again tonight and hopes to at least get Tuesday off before another 5 days. It's crazy!

I just blogged about the applesauce (I took home about 25 quarts and 11 pints) and Mom and I made raspberry jam last week (41 jars). I hope to continue on with pears and peaches too. I also want to make my own baby food using fresh veggies and have my Magic Bullet out ready to rock! It's unbelievable how much you pay for packaging of baby food and I'm sure the real stuff tastes better anyway. I'm thankful I have the energy and time to do it!

My Master's application for Graduate School is in! I hope to hear if I get in by September, maybe sooner. It wouldn't start until January, so I was pretty early, but that's the way I like to get things done!

I have used my spa certificate from Gabe on Mother's Day up! I had a facial and a pedicure the other day and it was WONDERFUL! Katie watched Macy and it was sooo nice to have some time by myself.

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  1. With all those things checked off your "to-do" list, you better start making a new one! :-)