Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Macy is in her high chair!

Officially, about 4 days ago Macy dived out of her Bumbo chair. Thank you Lord I was standing right in front of her re-packing the diaper bag and caught her as she was in the Bumbo ON the counter and would have dove right off. I announced to Gabe no more Bumbo and from that day on we've been using this high chair. She LOVES it! I love the straps, and the fact she is sitting up, and I can give her all kinds of toys (or her favorite thing- my orange measuring cups) and she is happy to watch me putter in the kitchen and bang on her tray.
She looks like such a big girl in her very own high chair!
We had a good day today. This morning we went and visited Holly and Harper (we call her "The Harps") and I put Macy in this top because The Harps has one identical to it that I saw the last time we visited and loved it and copied!!! Holly gave Macy the shorts that go with because Harps is out of them already! She, along with all of Macy's little buddies is higher on the scale than she is (Macy was 14 lbs 13 oz at her 6 month check, Harper was 18 lbs 6 oz at hers) and her darn cute little legs and bootie wouldn't fit in these shorts! Score for Macy!

My phone died on the way home. Literally turned black and was done, so I dropped Macy off at home with Gabe for a nap (and heard later she didn't sleep a wink!), and went to Verizon, got a new phone, headed back, fed Macy, put her down for a real nap, went out to dinner with Gabe's parents and then home for some fun.
We practiced sitting up with Holly and Harper this morning and it encouraged me that Macy is doing better sitting than I thought! She sat up in this boppy pillow for a long time tonight just playing with toys and smiling for my camera. I don't even have to make faces anymore, folks. My daughter LOVES to get her picture taken! She sees the light go on and smiles or poses every time! Love it!

I just posted every picture I took I couldn't decide which was the cutest! :) We did an outfit change for bed and I wanted to show you my favorite pajamas. They have monkeys all over. I love that since Gabe and I have called Macy "Munkers" ever since she was born. Monkey, morphed. :)

Sweet dreams little Monkey! We love you!


  1. Hah! If The Harps is 18 lbs at 6 months, and Wyatt is not quite 18 lbs at one year, The Harps could squish both Macy and Wyatt at the same time. Yeesh! So darn cute to see her up in her high chair, enjoying life from her new perspective.

    And one more thing... does she EVER stop smiling? I don't believe it!

  2. How FUN!! How I miss these days!! Enjoy every moment (yes, even the non-napping moments too :-)! Macy has GOT to be the cutest thing EVER (since Emily's not a baby anymore, otherwise she would be ONE of the cutest things ever)!!!