Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luke's in town!

This was a very fun day! A friend came over in the morning to pick-up some maternity clothes which was great...she is due one day after Macy was born and it helps so much to have some options when you are just feeling...thick.

We had a super fun graduation party to go to for my cousin's son, Jessie Salmonson. I can't believe Jessie is graduated!!! I remember when he was born! So irritating that my camera was in the car for the party. Jessie even held Macy for the first time. Someone did get a picture, but I don't have it to share today.

After the grad party, we headed to Hi Hoe Nursery for a little visit with Luke! Macy LOVES Luke. She always smiles for him, and he is very good with her. He is kind-of a baby pro, what with being the big brother to triplet sisters and all!
My little buddy :)
Macy seems to always smile if you make a kissing noise and have her attention. Luke caught right on and she loved it!
SUCH a happy girl!
This is for you, Heidi! Loved that Luke wanted to show us he still has it...

Such a wonderful boy. He is so polite and sweet and fun. I hope Macy is just like him!

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