Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Lunch Out

It's been another busy week. Good thing I blog every once in awhile or I wouldn't know what I've done from day to day. How do Moms that have jobs outside the house manage??? I would go crazy! I don't make money for my work, (meaning I work my rear off taking care of Macy every day and night but don't get paid for it!!!) but have been doing odd jobs lately for people.

Tuesday Katie took Macy all morning while I did errands and shopped. It was such a great day, I had plenty of time so I didn't feel like I had to rush and found some really cute fall clothes both for me and Macy (I know, like she needs clothes, but really- we could use long sleeves so I ran with that). She had a two hour nap while Kates watched her! Thank you Auntie Kate!

Yesterday at about noon I got a call from a friend with some rental properties who needed help cleaning one of them since new renters were moving in, and they were running out of time to get it all done. I booked Mom to come get Macy after work, and was off. I cleaned until 9 PM last night, went to get Macy and shovel in some food and was in bed by 11 PM. Tomorrow I'm cleaning for another friend and have broke down and booked a REAL babysitter. I got a little thrill at the thought of Macy actually getting to have a paid babysitter watch her and play with her. Anna Pimento is her name, and she adores our daughter and is very responsible. I am so happy to have someone on the "docket" so when Mom and Kates have other plans, I still have coverage. It's kind of fun that we're actually at this point and Macy is going to have such a good time at the Pimentos. I have to write it in her baby book! Ha! 8 months old, first time being watched by someone other than Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Auntie or Aunt Sharon!
Sharon, Mom, Katie and I took Macy to lunch today at Homestead. If you haven't been there for awhile, it is a GREAT spot for lunch! Beautiful view, wonderful food and very quiet and fun. Macy was a trooper and hung on for our 2 1/2 hour lunch and just played and watched and felt like a big girl! :) So sweet. Also, her first official time in a high chair at a restaurant!
I like to think (hope) these things get wiped down after every use. It was so cute in the moment and so gross to think about now!!! HA!

Macy was so good! I've lost track of how many places we've taken her out to. I remember being pregnant thinking, "I'll never be able to go out to eat again" and how wrong I was! She loves it too. So much to see and play with. Macy is a natural high society gal!

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  1. 1. congrats on the weight loss - woo hoo!
    2. I didn't know Katie was around?!?!
    3. I want to be the next person (non-paid) to be added to the list of babysitters!!
    4. Of COURSE, Macy needed clothes.
    5. You should've picked up some shoes for her too!
    6. I need to get to Homestead - maybe when my kids grow up ! :-{
    7. Love you and miss you!