Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday Macy!!!

We have been super busy these last few days. My sister moved out of her condo and into my parent's house. This is awesome news since she has renters in there now, and will be away much of the next 6 months (sob). Kates has lots of work coming up and it makes sense to stay with Mom and Dad during the short weeks she is home and still keep her place as an investment. Macy and I helped her finish moving Thursday, and then unpacked her. We've been helping Mom and Dad with projects the last two days and I have to say by today I really wanted a day of rest!

I am officially on my way back down the scale. After all my trips recently, and the fair and the family reunion, I was ready to start eating healthy and watching my calorie intake. It was hard to get to the point of no more excuses!!!! Katie gave me her old iphone and told me about a free app on there called Lose It! and I love it. It is super easy to use, you log all your food and exercise and since Tuesday I've lost 5 lbs. Not kidding folks. That probably tells you how much I was eating to maintain my weight, but I am very encouraged and feel back in control which is a very good thing. I have a goal weight in mind, but decided to try this plan for 5 weeks: Log every calorie and stay within my "budget." No dessert- meaning cookies, candy, cake, ice cream etc. No eating after 7 PM. This has budged already since our days are still long here and Gabe doesn't get home until 7 and I eat dinner with him sometimes at that time so I've sort of changed that rule to no eating after dinner. So far, I am very happy and I will re-evaluate in about 4 more weeks and add in something else and maybe change the rules and time frame around. I'll keep you posted since the blog is a great way to stay accountable even if I'm the only one reading it!
Today Macy and I went to church and then followed the rest of the family over to my Grandpa and Grammy's for lunch. Katie and Mom hauled out the OLD highchair that every grandchild/great-grandchild has sat in for ages and Macy had lunch with us! She mostly enjoyed slamming her favorite measuring cup against the metal and hearing it bang so loud we all got migraines, but she also enjoyed looking at her reflection in the tray. :)

This outfit was hilarious. A first-time wear from my dear friend Kara. I added the headband from Mom and the shoes from Kates and she was a stylin' little girl for church!
At Mom's later she was trying to climb in the toy basket. She would ignore the toys and just play and play and play with this basket! I kept calling her Moses. She is so much fun. I love this stage. Today out of the blue she started saying, "Oh." Macy actually sat up yesterday for about a minute by herself (a first) and is army crawling like crazy. She even gets up like she's going to crawl for real, and rocks back and forth.

Macy is a reflection of God's love for me. I just know it. She is so precious and my heart overflows with the love I hold for her every single day. We are so thankful for her in our lives!


  1. Awww... Don't worry, you aren't the only one reading!!! That girl just keeps getting cuter.

  2. Moll Doll- you look beautiful in that picture!!! She is God's blessing to all of us through you and Gabe. I'm sad I'll be gone so much in the near future too (sob!). Love you girl. x

  3. No's another reader, just not much of a commenter. Sorry! I love how motivated you are to lose weight and wish I could get the same motivation to quit eating the sweets. Aagh!

    I love all the updates on Macy. That girl makes me smile! I can't believe she is at the crawling stage already. Where have these past 8 months gone?

  4. So glad you are all in our lives! I smile everytime I read your blog - Macy just does that! Also - yes, we're reading!!