Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Trip, Part 2!

From Jim's, we left to pick up Heather from the Spokane Airport. Rich had to work, and was coming in the next day but Heather didn't want to miss the Burton Family Reunion that was going on Saturday so she flew ahead. We had a few minutes to wait, and took Macy out of her car-seat and let her "drive" for awhile...

It was so good to see Heather!!!! She had been WAY too busy trying to plan this wedding from 8 hours away and had a few last minute details to get done before we went out to the country so we hit IHOP for breakfast and then the mall.
I loved Vicki's shirt this day! She looked so cute with Macy, I didn't take any other pictures except the two of them on Saturday!
After shopping, we headed back out to "The Farm" as they call it for the reunion and visited all day with Heather's family. It was very fun, and good to be there. Macy got plenty of attention as she was the youngest there! We left for the hotel in Coeur d'Alene and CRASHED when we got there!

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