Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Macy's first day at the fair...

Gabe found out the other day he gets 3 days off in a row!!!! I think I was happiest about this news, and have throughly enjoyed having him home! We didn't do too much yesterday, I brought Macy on a super fun playdate with two other moms and a bunch of kiddos we know from MOPS (and church), and then went out to dinner with my Dad last night. Gabe asked what I wanted to do today and I said FAIR ME! :) We got there at 9:00 AM ready to see it all! We started with the chickens and this is pretty much what Macy's face looked like the entire time she was around any animal.
Until we got to the cows, that is. She really liked those cows. :) So sweet, love this pic Gabe took of us. Poor girl didn't know what to do in this weather! I had her in a tank and shorts and quickly piled on a hat, sweater, pants... it was freezing outside today! Kind of nice for a change, but even I got chilly by the time we left!
Even though we had the stroller Gabe held her most of the day. She really loved seeing everything!

Gabe's favorite llama. It had a puff face!

The fair always reminds me of my Grandpa Dale. He used to work this week along with Grandma and we would always see him, but what I really remember is the way Grandpa would eat his way across the whole fair! He introduced my brother, sister and I to Elephant Ears, Puffigins (the Dutch yummies that I can't spell) and would always buy us some kind of treat when we were with him. He loved fair food. I never remember my Grandpa complaining about the prices or the calories. He just loved to eat that delicious food and would get so excited about it! I miss him, and I'll always think about him when I walk by that elephant ear stand.

Here's my man buying us an Elephant Ear. :)

My Grandma still works at the fair every year. She says she works one week a year and this is it! She gave Macy a darling little panda bear (you can see it on her lap) on our way out and Macy played with it the whole way home.

We love you Grandma! So good to see you today!

Bryce, Heidi (his gf), Katie, Dad, Mom, Gabe, Macy and I AKA: THE WHOLE FAMILY will go to the fair together tomorrow so stay tuned for LOTS more photos and fun. This was our preview day for just the 3 of us, tomorrow...craziness! I think we'll try the carousal, face painting, a henna tattoo (for my mom of course)... the possibilities are endless. :)

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  1. LOVE it Molly! What special memories the Fair holds for all of us, and now for your new little family! :)