Thursday, August 12, 2010

Macy's update...

Macy didn't miss a beat with being gone for 5 days and her relationship with her Daddy. She is still cuckoo dreamy over the man and lights up when she hears his voice or he comes into the room. Gabe has been working a TON lately, doing projects and putting in serious hours before the start-up happens so the plant is running 100% again by October. It sucks having him gone so much, but I've been trying to really appreciate the hour we have together as a family at night when he's on days.

Last night Gabe was wrangling the cats into the garage and got Shrute in one hand, Macy in the other and came into the kitchen to show me how cute they were. We laughed because Macy was squealing and screeching in happiness and Shrute wanted to GO!

After our trip Macy is completely into table food. As in, she wants to eat what's on my plate, forget the pureed stuff. In the last week alone she has had, potato, baked and fried, oatmeal, yogurt, refried beans, cheese, cheerios, sweet potato flavored puffs, green beans, carrots, Dutch Babies (like a German pancake). She can't get enough!

That was probably the most shocking thing for Gabe, to come home Tuesday night and see Macy in her high chair feeding herself cheerios. He was like, "She's a grown up!!!!" He missed us both, and we are very happy to be back together as a family. :)


  1. PS: LOVE the outfit. Thank you Marla, Avery and Lu Lu!!!

  2. I love it - cheerios - and she's a grownup!! Poor sweet Gabe has a rough road ahead - wait until Macy comes home with a cheer outfit or asks if she can drive :-)!! We miss you guys! Let us know when Gabe might have some social time free!