Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Balloon Twister!

Fun Fact about Heidi Myers. She is a Balloon Twister. That is her job. For now, that is! She is getting her Master's in Education and hopes to be an 8th grade history teacher someday soon, but until then works in a Rainforest Cafe in LA twisting balloons for people. When I heard this from Bryce, I requested she bring her stash to the reunion so the kids could have some fun.
She gave us the preview after the hilarity of Family Feud and made my Uncle Pat a turtle, Heidi Gale a giraffe, and The Little Mermaid for me. It was incredible!

The next morning after breakfast, she broke out the apron and took requests from everyone. The kids were so excited!!! Here they are, watching the first masterpiece which was a spiderman for Luke to match his jammies.

Luke was so proud of his Spiderman!!!
Abbie got a butterfly wand.
She loved it!
Heidi made a princess crown for Ellie.
Annie got a flower!
This is a good picture to capture the feeling in the room...craziness!!!! It was such a blast and Heidi was so good with all those kids.
Luke scored and got a sword!!!
My cousin Jed is a 6th grade teacher and was duly impressed with Heidi's skills. :)
Here is my cousin Tara in the middle with Tiffany on her right and Kaitlyn on her left.
Ellie loved her crown and gave Heidi kisses. :)
Heidi made Bryce a shark!

Macy got a monkey in a tree!

Heidi was a hit to say the least. She gave me her card and said she will travel for parties!!!!! :)

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  1. Where do I start? First off, if Bryce didn't know if she was a keeper before, she should have him at, "Balloon."

    Second of all... She is CRAZY good! That is one life long talent and skill that not many have. I'm jealous!