Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Bryce Blitz...

Bryce's life-long friend got married August 3, 2010. AJ and Bryce have grown up together, they are 2 months apart and used to play all the time when Alex's parent's lived at the end of Clarkson Lane. I babysat for AJ and his brother Brandon when I was 10 years old!!! It was a very exciting day and although Bryce was here less than 36 hours total, he spent almost every minute with Macy :) We started the day going over to Mom and Dad's with coffee and waking him up... Nothing better than her smile first thing in the morning.
Bryce sent her this shirt when she was born. See if you can read what it says... We were long overdue for some updated photos with Macy and her one and only favorite Uncle so we snapped a few. Enjoy!

We had a great chat, headed off to Applebee's for lunch and then the Christian bookstore for a looksee, then headed to our house to hang out with Gabe for a couple hours since he had to work that night. Bryce helped me fix a bunch of stuff on my computer (because he and my sister are the technology genius' in the family), we worked out a deal for me to buy his external hard-drive, Macy took a great nap, Bryce and I got ready for the wedding and...we were off!!!
Dad, Mom, Bryce, Macy and I all went together since parking was tricky at the Ferry Terminal. We waited with a bunch of other wedding guests to board the "Foot Ferry. " Does Macy look ready to party or what? :)
So we kept trying to get Macy to smile on the Ferry and she was TOO BUSY to pay any attention to us. There was so much to see and she LOVED being out on the water. I love everything about the ocean- it is the best. I can't remember ever going to Lummi Island before but Mom said we did when we were little. I sure appreciate it more now as an adult- what a paradise!

Dad and Mom on the Foot Ferry.

Mimi and buds. When her Grandpa's not in eye-sight!!!!
This whole setting is just beautiful. I loved so many pictures we took!
Again, much too much to see to smile!
When we got to the island, we had to wait for a ride to get to the church. Although I took the stroller Macy's feet didn't touch the ground for a good 4 and a half hours! We all just kept taking turns holding her and everyone was so much help, it was wonderful and lots of fun. Having so much help made having Macy there very easy.
Op! Time for her hat!

Here Bryce is explaining who his "Plus 1" is!
A friend and neighbor from high school was there with his son, Jaden. Macy thought he was hot stuff!

So AJ and Cherisa did the "Forever" song by Chris Brown like the YouTube video at the start of the ceremony. I hadn't seen it done in a real wedding yet (live) so it was a blast. I was wondering how Macy would do at her very first wedding ever, but, naturally, she was perfection! Love this pic of her and Uncle Bryce cracking up.
Macy during the ceremony.
Alex and Cherisa Hoekema!!!! Congratulations Mr. Zoolander! AJ and Bryce are a lot alike. When they were little they wore the "husky" pants and played so hard. They are both tenderhearted and hilarious and incredibly positive and fun. Alex is one of those people that love the Lord with all their heart and wear that love, and caring for everyone all over their face. I admire his spunk. I also admire his strength as he almost became a Navy Seal. He and Bryce have turned from "Husky pant wearers" to very handsome grown men (on the inside and out) I'm proud to call my friends.
This was about 5 hours in and Macy was starting to hit the wall... Mom thought up this spoon idea and it was a hit!!!!
SUCH delicious food! We were all starving for dinner and weren't disappointed. Prime rib, salmon, mashed and scalloped potatoes, broccoli, green beans, asian salad, caesar salad and rolls and my favorite cake ever... White with raspberry filling. YUMMY!
Bryce with the happy couple.
AJ and Bryce-er-Ricer as Brent (AJ's Dad) calls him!
We made the 9:00 PM Foot Ferry back to shore and waited here on the curb thing with Macy. Isn't this beautiful? Takes my breath away. It's nice to look at without the bugs trying to eat you alive, though!!!

Mind you, this baby had been awake for 6 hours at this point. She was delirious, but would not relax in case she missed something!

It was so good to see and spend some time with my brother. I love this guy!!!! He is so great with Macy and she loved him so much. There is no one more fun to go on adventures with (except my wonderful husband) than Bryce. Always up for anything, anytime and when something goes wrong, he always finds the funny. I love that about you, Bud!
Pretty much the second we got onto the Ferry back to shore, Macy finally fell asleep in my arms. She had partied down and was DONE. What a trooper!
The Lummi Island Wedding Gang. . .


  1. Wow, you have been busy! It is so neat to get a look at what you have been doing. Macy is a doll and growing fast! Kids are the best :o)

  2. What a fun day! Bryce looks great and you can see Macy loves him! Your family is so special Molly!! You guys know how to laugh and have fun - that's a gift!