Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8.9.10 The Wedding

We finally made it downstairs and headed out for Rich to see Heather for the first time.

Heather looked so pretty- she just glowed elegance and moved like a princess all night.

Here she is getting situated... This dress moved like a cloud!

I was a hormonal mess. I've never been a part of the first look except my own, which was wonderful and I wouldn't let anyone be there for it! Heather hates being the center of attention with everyone looking at her, which is why she did such a small wedding. This part made me cry, though. Look at Rich's face!
Macy kept the mood light, as always and Steve didn't take too long to grab her for a laugh after Rich and Heather saw each other for the first time.

Macy is obsessed with faces and noses and mouths lately. She thinks it's so funny to kiss your nose. Yuck! It is pretty funny though.

So glad Chris came! It was touch and go for a minute and I had to send a facebook message of guilt, but he made it, and it wouldn't have been the same without him.
Heather and her "little" brother.
My pretend brothers for the weekend. :)
Mike, Aunt Kay, Macy and Chris. I kept asking to take Macy and everyone wanted her in their picture! So sweet!
Great shot of the Mother of the Bride.

Aren't those flowers beautiful? Love this place!
Steve and his only sister, Kay. Steve was the baby of 10 kids and Kay the 2nd. She practically raised him and they are very close. Aunt Kay told me she met me when I was only 2 years old! I called her Aunt Kay my whole life too! I remember her visiting once a year or so. She is a nun, and lives in Mississippi, I think.
Heather's handsome brothers, Mike and Chris.

Marion, Heather's soon-to-be Mother-in-Law and Rich and Heather.
Here is Steve with one of his 8 brothers! Bob is a judge in Coeur d'Alene and married Rich and Heather. He did an awesome job.
2 sets of brothers- Mike and Chris and Steve and Bob. Only a few of the many Burton men!
Heather's Aunt Kay holding Macy. Aunt Kay is such a sweet lady!
The Burton Family

It was time! We all headed in, and after a short mishap with the room situation, we headed to our table.

Look how Heather commands a room!

Waiting for the ceremony to start. Everyone stood for the vows, which was really special and emotional. Heather gave last minute love to Macy.
Here they are! Mr. and Mrs. Manos!

Everyone got pretty teary afterwards, but they were happy tears!

Steve and Vicki are giving Rich and Heather a tractor for their wedding present! Heather's been calling it her dowry! As a bonus gift, Vicki picked out 2 Christmas ornaments. One that says, "Our first house" with Manos above the door, the other, Heather and Rich, 8.9.10.
Rich and his new Mother-in-Law!
Bob framed their vows and gave it to them as a gift. I thought this was such an awesome idea! So special!

The Manos family!
The witnesses. Marion, Bob's wife Jeanette, Bob, Steve and Kay.
After the vows, we went back upstairs for dress #2. I think I liked it even more than the white!
Vicki helping get Heather dressed.

Check out that jewelry!!!!!! These are real, folks!

This is my favorite picture I got of Heather's blue dress. The light shows how pretty it was. She looked gorgeous!!!! The photographer wanted to do outside pictures during sunset and I got to go along... What a fun thing to be a part of! Vicki and Chris (and everyone else) watched Macy.

Rich made this face while Heather was joking her ring wasn't big enough. :)

Love love love this picture.
The photographer worked about an hour long just to shoot all these photos of Heather. Wait till you see the professionals pictures. She looked like a model- the light was perfect and she was so serene and calm. It was such fun to be a part of this shoot. Rich was standing by me during this shot watching Heather and said, "I'm a lucky guy, Molly." I said, "Yes you are."

There was a moose before you got on the trail and Rich wanted to get a picture of both of them on it. We were dying laughing. He had to try 3 times before he got on- it was so slick!

Love this picture too. They look so happy!

When we got back to the room to order dinner, Macy was asleep in her stroller! So great! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then laughed and laughed the night away.
Isn't that centerpiece gorgeous? Love it!
This pic was taken halfway through Chris's plate and doesn't do the food justice but it was beautiful and delicious.

Macy woke up around 10ish and I broke down and let her join the party again. She was so happy!

At this point Mike had given his toast which was a serious highlight. He was saying how he remembers Heather describing her future life when she was about 6 years old and that Rich had given her everything she had ever dreamed and more and then he says, "So, Rich, if you can figure out a way to get a couple dolphins in your pond out front, you will have literally made a 6 year old girl's dreams come true." The best was when leaned to Heather and said, "We can throw a couple dolphins in there babe!" We laughed and laughed.
Then Mikey broke down and held Macy. The perfect night. :)

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