Friday, August 13, 2010

An afternoon at Hi Hoe Nursery...

I heard a rumor that my Aunt Sharon had taken Luke and Abbie home with her for a long weekend so I packed up Macy and went for a visit. It was in the 90's this day, and we all ended up in the pool after not too long!!!
Macy loves her "cousins." They are 2nd cousins to Macy, in reality, but we call them cousins since it's the closest she's going to have any time soon!!!

Luke is such a fun boy. He is VERY into superheroes right now, and gadgets. He was taking pictures with my camera and I asked him to play a game. When I said a word, he had to act out what it meant on his face. It was hilarious!!!! I don't think 4 year olds know all the words I used but here are a few of my favorites.

Did that make you laugh? I still crack up looking at these!!!! We're going to Wenatchee in a couple days for a family reunion and I'll try and play again and see if he's improved! Ha!
Janelle, Craig's niece, was visiting and Luke wanted to get a shot of the girls... Not bad, huh?
Had to get these suspenders in a picture. Craig gave them to Luke a long time ago. They say, "Grandpa's Helper." Luke put them on Abbie!
Abbie still LOVES baby Macy. She even says Macy now, although it sounds a little like, "Mayme."
After ice cream cones it was off to the pool!

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