Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Trip, Part 3

The resort we stayed at was just breathtaking. Right on the lake, surrounded by beauty, this resort was right in the middle of tons of stuff to do. Sunday morning we got up early and met in Heather's suite to order room service for breakfast. Check out PART of Heather's room. So pretty!
She had a jacuzzi tub on one of the decks attached to the room, a balcony on the other...

Macy has been really into table food lately and this day cracked me up since she ate "my food" at every meal on top of hers! Breakfast was a yogurt parfait and delicious! Macy loved the yogurt. Vicki, Heather, Macy and I headed down to the resort's spa at 9:00 AM for pedicures and manicures. It was sooo fun! Macy's first time in a spa was memorable. She was overdue for her nap and shortly after this picture, crashed! It worked perfectly since she slept through everything and let me relax. Aaah. Love the spa.

Miss Curious didn't want to miss anything! She was very into the tub of water and if she wasn't so tired, I would have dangled her feet in. I'm going to try it at home.
Vicki and the BRIDE!

This is how Macy spent most of her first time in a spa. :)

After we finished with our nails, we met with the photographer. Heather looked him up and really liked his work so we scoped out a bunch of places they would use the next day for the wedding. Then, we went to Mexican for lunch!
I love this girl so much (both of them, but I'm talking about Heather). She is so fun and spontaneous! While we were waiting for our food, Heather goes, "Macy! Let's dance!" and got up and started dancing around the restaurant. Macy, of course, loved it.

For lunch, Macy tried some refried beans and melted cheese. I should have known, being married to Gabe that she would be hooked! Gabe could eat Mexican food every day of his life! I get kind of tired of it, but Macy apparently doesn't!

So Heather took this picture and then went hysterical on us. She dubbed it, "Poop Face." It's BEANS people!

Everyone loves Macy. She is so happy and easy all the time, she is always the center of attention ands eats it up. I love this picture. I love how she makes everyone feel like they are her favorite person. It's how the whole weekend went. Macy making friends with everyone. :)

After lunch we hung out in Heather's room and chatted while Macy played. Vicki got some super fun pictures!

About this time Macy had a major blow-out diaper. She hadn't gone in about 2 days and had just eaten a ton of beans. It wasn't pretty. Heather goes, "I'll change it, no problem." I think she regretted it!!!! SO stinky, it was horrible and all over the place. Vicki and I were cracking up watching Macy watch Heather like, "What's the big deal? You never seen poop before?"

I think it was an 8 wiper. I told Heather the worst I've had is a 13 wiper. :)
Love this picture of Macy and I. I'm still marveling how good she was on this trip. She is the most flexible kid! I love that about her!

After we broke up and went to our rooms for naps and Rich (the Groom) got in with his mom, Marion and niece, Jordan, we all met for dinner at 6:30.
In the picture above: Rich, Marion, Jordan, Mike, Steve, Heather, Macy.

Rich hadn't met Macy until this day. I met him in December for the first time when I was VERY pregnant. One night during his visit to Heather's parents for Christmas we were playing games it started snowing. I was ready to pop and felt nervous being out and 20 minutes away from the hospital thinking what if I got stuck in the snow and started to go into labor? That started everyone on the subject of who would deliver my baby in an emergency. The table agreed on Rich since he's a spinal surgeon. I wasn't having it and asked him how many babies he'd delivered? He said 5. Heather offered to video tape me and I bolted out of that room as fast as I could! :) Ha!

Rich is a very fun and interesting guy. I was asking him at dinner what was the youngest patient he'd ever operated on and he said 5 weeks. Can you imagine? Rich was very sweet with Macy and taught her how to eat a cheerio all by herself. Seriously! She'd never quite done it before and he would push one cheerio at a time over to her and she would grab it and try to get it to her mouth. We made a huge mess, but she learned!
Note the cheerio?
She got it!!!!!
Rich carried her all the way back to the hotel, what a guy. :)

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  1. Instead of "Molly World" I'd like to request that the blog be renamed to "Everyone Loves Macy!" Ha! Thanks for posting the extra pics!