Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bryce's Birthday!

Since we were all together, we celebrated Bryce's birthday a week early before he and Heidi went back to CA. Mom (and Bryce) made sandwiches and soup for lunch and we all hung out while Heidi showed off her balloon skills for Gabe.
She made a dog for him on a leash. :)
A corsage for Kates...and Macy...and Mom!

A fish on a fishing pole for me!
And a shark. Macy LOVED the balloons and how everyone was playing with her.

Happy 26th, Bryce!!! Love the candle, it's all Mom could find! Ha!

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  1. Wish we could've met her and seen Bryce! Love her skill!! She and Bryce are cute together and Macy of course - darling as usual1!