Monday, August 16, 2010

Dress up day in August...

Macy and I braved Costco today. I tell you, I think every month of her life, our Costco bill goes up another $30.00. What do people do that don't plan for kids??? Yikes! They are expensive! I say that now, I know, it's only going to get worse.

Macy is DONE nursing. She quit officially on Heather's wedding, 8-9-10 so it's been a week and we are both doing wonderfully Hooter Hider Free. Macy gained a POUND the first week off breast milk and is eating about 5 bottles a day with pureed or table food twice a day. Except the past 3 days, that is, when she's up in the middle of the night for a full bottle. I know she's growing, and today had a chance to try on a couple things I've been wondering about.

First, a Halloween costume from the triplets!!! They were all penguins last year, and Heidi gave me a costume and it was soooo cute on Macy! I was cracking up! She wouldn't keep on the whole thing, but the bow tie was the cutest thing ever. I don't think it's going to fit in October!!! She thought she was hot stuff rolling around in that thing all padded in.

It wasn't long before I realized it was ROASTING hot upstairs and I was probably suffocating my baby so next...

SHOES!!!! Macy has the cutest shoes that have been patiently waiting for her feet to grow so she can finally wear them. Go figure the sweetest pair of fur-lined moccasins fit perfect today and it's fair week and probably will be in the 80's for another week or two. Bring on fall! We got shoes to break out!!!
Love this pair that fit perfect from Anna-Banana Pimento. Macy LOVED them too, and kept rolling around, posing, like she knew they were new!

I love quiet afternoons when I have time to sort and organize and find new treasures in Macy's closet for her to start wearing. Girl clothes are so much fun! I know she likes it too, she is always happy when her closet doors are open. :) Hope you are all finding something fun to do today too!


  1. Hah! I'd be happy if our boys would actually WEAR clothes, let alone adorable, cute clothes! Macy, you ROCK!

  2. I love my closet too, and just so I'd be happy - I have no door on my closet!! Just fully accessible ALL the time!! :-) I think it's time to knock out a wall and give that girl a walk in wardrobe!! :-)