Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kris and Macy

It seems like every once in awhile, when we have too many days at home alone in a row, Macy and I need a visit with a friend! This happened this week and I thought... why not swing by my friend Melissa's since she was having a garage sale and I haven't seen Kris in MONTHS! The pic above is when Melissa and Kris's mom Amanda came over to meet Macy. She was only a couple weeks old and Kris was several months. Look at them now!

SUCH differences! Obviously the size thing, but what shocked me was how BUSY Kris was compared to Macy. She's good to sit, hang out, roll around, come back over to check in... Kris? A terror. He is non-stop, all the time, 100% boy and so so busy. It was a really fun visit but I have to admit I felt thankful for my calm, sweet, relaxed baby girl!!!

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