Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WEDDING DAY!!!! All the fun begins...

Heather's brother Chris flew in from LA late Sunday night so we saw him Monday morning and he got to meet Macy for the first time. Note Heather's other brother Mike in the background. :) There are many differences between these brothers- one being the way they interact with babies!!!!
Chris was so sweet with Macy and played with her all throughout breakfast. She loves you Chris!
So Macy had another first at breakfast. She drank water from a real cup! She got soaked, and again made a mess, but loved it! She was making us all laugh because every time she would be drinking and see the light on the camera, she would look at me and pose. I took about 10 pictures to prove she was drinking!

Heather and Rich got their wedding license and we all met at 10:30 to go to the jet ski shop where Steve and Vicki had rented 6 Skidoos for all of us.
Macy's first trip to the beach!!!!
We had to "watch" a safety video before we could ride the ski doos and try on our life jackets.
How many brides do you know that go out on the lake the day of their wedding? Heather is so FUN!!!!
Vicki and Jordan ready to hit the lake.

I think Mike was excited. :)
We walked down to the dock and the ski doos were waiting for us. It took a little organization and slathering of sunscreen for Chris, Macy and I and then we were off!

The bride and groom. :)
I rode with Heather and we hit some serious air and got SOAKED in an hour. It was so much fun!

After the first soaking...

This is our resort!
Marion stayed and babysat Macy who fell asleep in her stroller just like the perfect baby she is!!!!! We were starving after our lake time and hit up Hudson's for burgers.
All weekend people were commenting that Macy has Heather's eyes. I would laugh and say they aren't related at all! This picture makes me agree, though. They both have those blue orbs that sort of glow.
We were a dirty, sweaty mess at this it was time to hit the tub!

Macy had several "firsts" this weekend, and taking a bath in a real tub was one of them! I tried the sink the first night and she kept trying to eat the facet so Vicki gave her this bath while I got ready for the wedding. She was LOVING being free in the water and splashed and kicked and rolled up a storm. I haven't seen this big of smiles in quite awhile!
Look at those gums!!!!
Her "over the shoulder" pose!

Meanwhile, Heather and Jordan were getting their hair done for the wedding and Vicki watched Macy so I could go down and chat with the girls and snap a few "before" pics.

Here comes the bride...
We had about an hour in Heather's room to help her get ready and get ready ourselves. It was fun to have Macy there for sure. She is such a distraction! Her nap got interrupted this day and I think that's why she's not super smiley during the wedding pictures. She wasn't bad at all, just very curious about all that was going on and too busy to pose.

Heather played with Macy and before we knew it, it was time to get her into her dress!

I was trying to get a great pic of Vicki and Macy and couldn't quite get one where they were both looking and smiling in the same picture!

Love that they are both making funny faces in this one! So cute.
Look how pumped she is. It's like she's thinking, "Another wedding? Hooray!"
Heather had picked 2 dresses and couldn't decide which one to wear. We convinced her to wear both of them!

The bouquet needed to get trimmed and Vicki desperately needed a safety pin and when this guy came, we were all set!
They brought a sewing kit and when Vicki saw there was a safety pin in there she was so pumped!!!!!!

About this time the nerves were setting in and Gabe called to tell Heather congratulations. He made her laugh and it was only about 2 minutes later we headed down to meet the groom!!!

We headed to the elevator and met Jordan on her way up for Rich's tie that he hadn't brought with him!!!! I think that gave Heather another round of nerves since it was going to be another 5 minutes before the "first look." So... We took some more pictures. :)

Dear Heather,

You are such a special friend to me. I have so many memories because of you. Although we are different in lots of ways I know that's what makes our friendship run so deep. You are a person that months can go by and we just pick right back up. It's never uncomfortable when I'm with you. We know each other's most embarrassing moments and still laugh about them all. Half our conversations start with, "Remember the time...?" I love that about you! We hold the same childhood dear, love each other's families, and respect the other with all our hearts. I know you would be there for me if ever I needed you and you know I would be there for you. I feel so protective of you these days and know it's because our friendship is changing yet again with Rich becoming your husband. I know he loves you. I can see it when he looks at you and hear it when he talks about you. I love you with all my heart and pray that you and Rich have a wonderful marriage built on trust and a deep love for each other. You have so many gifts Heather! You are so confident, and intelligent and care so deeply for your family and friends. People are drawn to you and your leadership. I love to be around you. I admire your loyalty and how you mean what you say. The way you set goals and reach them is an inspiration to me. I love you so very much! Thank you for letting me be a part of this incredibly special day. I'll remember it always!!!!

All my love,

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  1. How sweet! Does that boy who loves babies need a wife? I'm sure we could help him out!!! Every pic is adorable! I think Macy has been to more weddings in her short life than I've made my husband go to!! :-) Great blog post Molly and lovely letter to your BFF!