Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy #82 Grammy!

Friday was my Grammy's 82nd birthday and I was invited to come to breakfast with my Aunts and Mom to celebrate. Two great-grand-daughters got to come, too, which was a very special treat!

It's tradition on my Mom's side of the family that the girls go out for lunch (or breakfast or dinner) and everyone comes along to celebrate birthdays. It's a super fun thing we do, and assures we get together every couple months or so. Macy hasn't been to a Shea Girl Birthday Meal and neither had Annie, who just happened to be staying with Sharon for the week! Score! Boys are only allowed if they are babies and poor Luke had to stay home with Grandpa while Annie got to go. :) She had the time of her life going out to eat and having room and attention and freedom!
I only took my camera out when we were all done with food and presents since I was on baby patrol so some of the best shots, (and all the ones of my Gram, the actual birthday girl) are on everyone else's cameras. Oh well.

It really doesn't feel like 2 years since Heidi brought Annie home from Swedish Hospital. She was SO TINY that day. I remember sitting in the backseat with her for the 3 hour car ride home as Heidi drove to unite all her kids for the first time. Annie was so mellow then, and still is. Soft-spoken and super smiley she is flexible and just rolls with the punches. She loves to explore and is very friendly with everyone. I told Heidi I would take a baby just like Annie when I helped her those first months and look what I got!!!! Lots of similarities between Miss Annie Jane and Miss Macy Megan. Can't wait for this weekend when we celebrate the triplet's 2nd birthday!!!!!

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  1. That is going to be one HUGE party, please pass along my congrats to Heidi, and the girls!