Monday, June 27, 2011

The funniest day in a loooong time.

My question to you: How do you hang a picture?

I have probably 80 funniest memories with Kates, and one of them is the time we were trying to hang 4 pictures above her bathtub at her new condo. The walls had all been gone over three time, holes puttied, and two coats of paint, we were all ready to decorate. I can't even remember how we measured, however we did, in the end the pictures were all over the place and we could not for the life of us measure the right way. We ended up using the "eye-ball method" and laughed until we couldn't breathe. We decided that although we are decently intelligent girls, math is not either of our strong suits and those pictures (and the 20ish holes behind them) are never moving.

So Mom has redecorated her living room and it looks beautiful. I had a bad feeling when I realized history was repeating itself. Walls were freshly puttied/painted, Mom wanted a picture centered with the window, her back was out, Katie had a hammer...

I was right. Despite my Mom's best efforts at managing the two of us, (started my measuring length of window, then depth of wall above window, then picture, then 2 inches up from went on and on) we all ended up hysterical! The funniest part was that Macy was napping down the hall so Mom wouldn't/couldn't even yell at us to pay attention so she had to laugh too!

I won't tell you how many holes it took just that in the end we eyed it and it turned out perfect. I will smile every time I see that sign. :)

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