Friday, May 27, 2011

My Girl's Weekend Away.

For my 30th Birthday, and Mother's Day this year, Gabe gifted me with a weekend away to visit my wonderful friend Heather in Eagle, ID. She is the friend who got married last August and Macy and I road-tripped to ID for the wedding. I looked forward to this trip for MONTH! This trip was to spend some quality time with Heather and see the house she has lived in almost a year already! I was in the phase of just feeling worn out, on repeat mode and needed a couple days off! I also had thrown my back out and it was taking eons to recover since I am pregnant and can't take anything stronger than a Tylonel. This trip was EXACTLY what I needed!

Heather picked me up from the airport on Thursday, May 26 and we went out to lunch and out to dinner, the next day we hit the spa and did everything they offered!!! Body scrubs, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures...the works! It was such a blast being off Mommy duty and spending such quality time with my friend. Heather is pregnant with their first, due exactly one month after me!!!! I realized on this trip how incredibly fun it is while pregnant to eat out for nearly every meal and have a menu of options!
Oh yes, and this is Rich and Heather's house. Aka Bed & Breakfast straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine. :) This house is unbelievable! SO big and beautiful, I had my own wing! The first picture shows what it looks like standing in the kitchen, the one above is when you turn around.
This picture is the other side of the kitchen.
This is the MOVIE THEATER downstairs!!!! We watched the American Idol finale in this room, and I have to tell you, it was the best tv experience of my life!
Stadium seating!!!

This was MY bathroom. I had a shower that had two heads, and was at least 10 feet tall.

Funny part of the house tour was when I told Heather my favorite room. She was expecting the theater, the wine room, the morning room, the kitchen. Nope. It was the laundry room! She said I'm the first person to ever say that!
I mean, LOOK at the ROOM!
It includes two "stations." A wrapping paper station stocked with all kinds of paper, bags, ribbons, tools... and another craft station to store anything creative. The storage is incredible. My couponing heart was thumping away!
It was a wonderful mini vacation! I missed Macy and Gabe terribly and after two nights away felt completely rejuvenated and my back was almost 100%. Helps to not lift a finger and only eat, laugh and get pampered for three days straight! Thank you Heather and Rich for your hospitality, I love the house!

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