Friday, May 20, 2011

Macy got an invitation.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I read an invitation for Macy, from her friend Ellie at church asking her to come to her birthday party! It was such a fun idea, Ellie's parents rented out The Jungle Playland in Mt. Vernon for a joint party for their son, Dan, and daughter Ellie. Because this place is enormous, they were able to invite every family they know with kids and let them all run wild for two hours!
Not only did it have (VERY fast) slides and ropes and swings and mazes for the older kids, there was an entire area for 3 and under with mini-everything. Macy started out there and played in the little ball pit...
She tried out the mini-slides...

and gathered several loose balls, of course!

This was the big kid's ball pit- there was a spot to feed balls into the wall and a vacuum sucked them overhead into a huge cylinder and at the end of the party, a Dad flipped the switch and the kids were all showered with balls that re-filled the pit. It was super fun!
They even had a room next door with a giant maze. It was kind of dark in there with weird lights and I carried Macy in, but she saw the other kids take off and wanted DOWN! She had such a great time at this place! What an awesome birthday party, thanks for inviting us, Ellie!

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