Friday, May 6, 2011

The cutest picture I've taken in awhile.

Don't you think? Augh! I love this picture! We went over to visit Jamie and Mason a couple days ago and it was a gorgeous day outside. Mason was in shorts and his rubber boots playing in the yard when we pulled up. Macy was in heaven! All new outside toys, two dogs, a friend, freedom, what more could you ask for?
Seriously look at that boy. Are you smiling?
Macy was crazy for this jeep. She climbed in and out of it and was screeching at Mason to come sit with her! I think she even realizes it's a big upgrade from her wagon at home. Hahaha.
Finally Mason came to show off his driving skills. Macy was asking if she could steer, I'm sure. Do you see how close she is sitting to him? Cracks me up!
They really did go in reverse for a second...
I had to show it one more time. I have this as my desktop picture right now, it makes me smile!

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