Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another play-day

We spent part of Friday at the Burtons, after visiting with Bryce and Heidi when they got in and had dinner there. Heather (and my) friend Rachel came up from Stanwood with her 4 month old doll baby named Lucas. He was so cute! Every time Lucas was getting attention, though, Macy had to do something to make us laugh. This time it was to find Steve's hat and try it on and walk around like a scarecrow.
Look at these two! Macy is 16 months, Lucas is 4 months. Lucas is 20 lbs, Macy is 25 lbs. They wear the same size diaper (4), he's in 12 month clothes and she can still fit in 12 months! Hilarious!
It was very fun to remember having a baby that isn't mobile, smiles with only gums just at your voice or a funny face, and doesn't mind snuggling. I'm starting to get excited about doing the "baby thing" again...although I really love how funny Macy is these days too.
Macy loved the baby!
Again, needing some attention. Notice her shoes? :)

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