Sunday, May 8, 2011

My 2nd Mother's Day.

I really love Mother's Day. It's always been a day to celebrate my Mom, and we have almost always spent it together. I remember being SO homesick one year for my family on Mother's Day when I lived in CA and called my Mom and heard all the people over for a bar-b-que. It was a major factor in deciding to move home again! God knew what awaited me back in Whatcom County! My future husband!

When people ask me what my dream job is, I say, "What I'm doing!" I love being a Mom to Macy and staying home with her and taking care of her. It's the best job I've ever had. I also love to teach, and someday do hope to have a classroom of my own, but being a Mom is completely fulfilling for me and I have never felt more content in my life.

It's strange to think next year, I'll have TWO little ones! Weird. That hasn't fully sunk in yet. I tweaked my back last week driving home from Wenatchee and it's gotten worse these last few days. I was thinking about this today, frozen in front of Macy's car door in the church parking lot...what would I do if I had to lift her AND a baby car seat? I didn't have a good answer for that one! I'll let you know next year when I figure it out!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

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  1. You LOOK so happy and content- and you both look so cute! Missed you guys today, I understand that feeling. Lots of love. xxxx