Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best shopping trip yet.

Disclaimer:For those of you who don't care about couponing, this isn't a post for you!

After an almost 2 month hiatus from shopping during my nauseous period of this pregnancy, then having one good week, and throwing my back out, my coupon trips have been few and far between. This week I've tried to get back in it since there were so many deals going on, and today I SCORED!

My friend Tanya gave me a head's up that pasta was on sale at Albertsons for $1/box this week (that sale is still going until Tuesday). I had 4 coupons for $1 off 1 box, and thought at that price, I'd better get some more! I ordered 20 coupons off e-bay, then another 20 after talking with a friend who said she would split with me. Then, I realized facebook had all kinds of coupons printing and Twice the Value coupons that would make even more boxes free! I've been going to Albertsons like a stalker the past couple days trying to score Twice the Values.

This morning Macy woke up with a temperature so we missed church and while Gabe stayed home with her during her morning nap, I skipped to Albertsons to cash in. The picture above is my haul. $124.10 worth of groceries and I paid $13.01. Total. That's an 89.52% savings! What a rush! The funny part is, I still have 40 coupons coming. Anyone out there who still isn't a believer, stay tuned, sounds like another class is in the works!


  1. You go girl!! Welcome back to the world of couponing!

  2. I had to see it to believe it! :-) You've inspired me to be an Alberton's shopper... Hoping to score some doubles!

  3. I've not heard about ordering coupons on ebay! Do share!! Glad you're over the nauseous stage! Macy is getting so big!