Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A play-day in the sun!

We spent most of yesterday afternoon with Jamie and Mason. :) I've missed my friend, and Macy missed hers! Mason's Grandma stopped by shortly after we got there and unloaded a whole car full of presents. :) Mason calls his Grandma "Bawk Bawk" because her neighbors have chickens. I think soon he's going to call her "Santa."
She gave him this Black & Decker tool bench decked out with every tool you can imagine! So darling! Macy thought it was awesome, and Mason showed her how to "fix" stuff using his new cool tools. :)
Mason has been observing his Dad mow the lawn a lot lately, and promptly turned his lawn mower over, laid down on the ground next to it and started banging it with his new hammer. Macy watched, and acted as assistant.
Next, Laurie got out some serious bubbles. Mason tends to do everything a little "fierce" and took that blower and banged it right onto Macy's head. She had some rockin' hair after that episode. Sadly, she now thinks bubbles are hair-gel. :)

See the girls duck? Mason was an animal with those bubbles!!!

Here they are watching how you are supposed to do it.
Macy just kept fixing her hair. :)
The best was saved for last. Laurie pulled this little number out of the trunk and Macy LOVED it! It was a hot wheels with buttons that sang songs and said, "Turn left!" Mason was a little nervous, and liked to push it, rather than sit on it. Macy? Jumped right on that bad boy. She had the hair, now she had the RIDE!

I think it's funny how many outside toys Mason has. He is so tan already, he's outside every day, almost all day long. Macy LOVES playing at his house. It's like a park with all new stuff that she can try out! I love that he has such boy things...it's good for her to have some variety.

Thanks for the fun day McConkeys!

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