Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He is Risen! Happy Easter!

Macy's first Easter Basket! I couldn't resist this little bunny. Macy's Auntie Kate gave her a bunny, too, which is adorable, but with her in her crib right now so I can't get a picture!
Macy, all ready to go to Easter Service at church. Out the door at 8 AM, that has to be a record!
Mom and Macy at church.

The Easter Egg Hunt was awesome this year, the pictures kind of speak for themselves...

This is my "Aunt" Joye Crabtree. Her Mom, Leona and my Grammy were the best of friends. When Leona passed away, our family adopted her in. :)
My Mom definitely got better pics than I did of this. I was caught up in the fun and excitement. I might re-post some highlights when I get her pictures. Until then, this will show you the gist.

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  1. I think Macy is the cutest Egg of all! Love her little dress!! I didn't get to see her on Easter :-(, I missed Bryce too! That's what happens when you have to run home between services to assemble Easter dinner!! Miss ya!