Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sighing on Saturday

So it's Saturday, April 17, 2010 and Gabe is finally off work. Since the explosion he's worked 6 nights, 3 days off (each day he attended a funeral), 6 days and now 3 off. Today is the 6th funeral from the explosion and Gabe is on his way there with two co-workers, then on to see Rachel.

I'm sighing to myself because I really miss him! I have never been the kind of wife that moans when Gabe has to go to work. Shift-work is a fact of life for us, which means I'm alone more than half of the time and that used to work fine... Now, with Macy, I think I've changed. I just feel so bad that Gabe misses the little things. His shifts are 12 hours long, and in Anacortes so he commutes an hour both ways.

It's made me think differently about the wives and families the guys that passed away left behind. I can't imagine never seeing Gabe again. He is my whole world and I feel like it is SO IMPORTANT he's there for Macy to know, smile at, laugh at, and put her little arms around.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and Monday since we have nothing planned, except being together as a family and feel so grateful I have those days to look forward to. Thank you Lord for sparing Gabe. You must know I still need him!

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  1. How sweet Molly - Gabe is blessed to have you too! Enjoy your days at home together!!