Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Pictures!

My brother Bryce came home for Easter this year so I had to set up some family pictures since we haven't had one since Macy was born! Actually, we haven't had a great one since Gabe and my wedding in 2006!!! It was time for an update and Tayna Silves did an awesome job! Katie and Mom and I were looking through them all yesterday and I thought about 20 shots were great! Poor Macy was tired and the sun was in her eyes, but she still looks pretty cute! Stay tuned for her 3 month photo shoot the very same day!

This last one is my Mom's favorite. I think mine too! Love the color in the moss, pink tree, grass. Sooo art-sy! Great job Tanya!


  1. What a great picture!! I'm liking the "Grandsir" idea from the next post - somehow fitting!!:-)

  2. Love the "Grandsir" too. Hmm.. Grandsir and Mimi has a nice ring!

  3. Love the family pictures!!! Good for you guys to keep up on that. Do you know Gary and I have been married 15 yr. next month and the last family picture we have on his side is our wedding. Something is wrong with that.