Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun-Filled Days!

Macy got another playdate with her friend Mason this week. Mason's Mom, Jamie and I were putting together our coupon binders and she was grabbing some dividers and needed to do some errands so Mason got to stay at our house to play! He is a very good boy, but but him and Macy are getting to the jealous stage when their mom is holding someone else and both are not at their prime from 4-7 PM. Try making waffles with two 1 year olds wanting to be held. I had a moment of silence for my cousin Heidi with triplets and a 4 year old. I really can't imagine that life day in and day out. When Mason went home, it felt so easy to have ONE baby! :)
That black eye was terrible! All gone a couple days later but...ouch! Cracks me up how Mason is always showing Macy how to do something and she is watching him. They are SO CUTE!

This week was very full, something was happening every single day!
After helping to teach my first coupon class Thursday night (which was VERY successful, thanks for coming!), I brought Macy to Mom and Dad's Friday morning. They had this baby doll chair ready for her and she was so happy with it! :)
They invited us to join them and Grandma VK for lunch before I cleaned for my Grandpa, so we went. Grandma knew we were coming and had a "treat" for Macy Megan. Her first ever sucker. Oh boy.

At first she didn't know what to think of it...

Then she got into it, drool everywhere and lots of smiles.
My new favorite picture of Macy!!!! Look at that cheesy smile!!!! :)
Today after spending the day with Anna while I scrapbooked a calendar, we went to Steve and Vicki's house for dinner and a visit and to meet little Lucas Macomber, Heather and my friend Rachel's brand new 3 week old baby boy. He is SO darling and holding him made me start to think what it would be like to have another one. Then Macy started whining and wanting "up" and holding her throughout dinner sort of made me go, "I'll just visit Rachel a lot the next few months."
Little Lucas!!!!!!! I love new babies, they are the best!
Macy discovered the Burton's piano tonight and I uploaded some video to facebook if you need a laugh...

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