Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is Shrute, our cat who's almost 2, and VERY long haired... He looks like a lion. Gabe has noticed him bringing the forest home with him every night, and his fur was out of control.
After 3 price checks, (did you know it costs $68.00 to get this cat a hair-cut?????) I suggested Gabe call my Dad and ask for a favor. :) Gabe is such a trooper about learning to do stuff himself!!! He can pretty much do whatever he sets his mind to, and surprises me all the time with random stuff he builds, fixes, or figures out. Shouldn't have surprised me at all that Dad and Gabe decided to learn to do another thing...shave a cat.
I couldn't believe how calm Shrute was for Gabe!!!! I should have known, since Gabe is so good to him, that he would trust his "dad" to take care of him!
Gabe said he laid there like he knew they were doing him a favor!!!
We now have a cat who looks like a science experiment since they left his back, sides and face long, just shaved his belly. He is still embarrassed, but feels much better!


  1. I wanted to see a picture of the cat after the haircat.
    Is this a new service your Pastor Ken is going to provide at the church "pet groomer".

  2. Only Gabe and your Dad would do that!!! I've never heard of giving a CAT a haircut!