Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank You Notes

I love writing cards and thank you notes. I used to be really bad at it, before I was an organized adult, but now, love it! Something about crossing things off lists and recognizing people...I really don't mind doing them. I just caught up today while Macy was napping, and have to tell you, I counted how many I've written for Macy since I started keeping track.

Take a guess.


I cannot believe that.

How are we THAT spoiled? Unbelievable. It really makes me want to be more generous. We have been gifted a nursery, a closet full of clothes, gadgets, safety stuff, bath stuff, learning stuff, a child's library, meals for over a month, childcare, wisdom, encouragement...it goes on and on and I am so thankful. What a blessing to have family, friends and a church that takes care of you!!!!!! I'm inspired and grateful, so if you haven't got a personal note (or three!) yet, consider yourself thanked!


  1. you DO deserve it - you're special little momma!!! So bummed I missed your shower - you wouldn't have wanted me there!