Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday Thursdays

This is Anna (Banana) and Carma Pimento with Macy out at the soccer fields by our house. We have a little Tuesday/Thursday routine while Micaela (Anna's sister) is at soccer practice, I take Macy up in the stroller and we walk around the track. It is so much more fun to exercise with a friend to talk to!!!

I babysat all three of the Pimento girls, Sarah, Anna and Micaela for years when I lived at home, and Carma babysat me when I was little. Now, the girls will babysit Macy :) Gotta love it! Anna is so sweet with her... Can't wait to see the next generation grow up!

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  1. ooooo-somebody's getting older!! Isn't it painful to realize how much older we're getting if these kids keep growing up?!?! YIKES!