Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our new printer!

Yahoo!!!!! We FINALLY have a printer! When Gabe bought our Dell Computer, almost 4 years ago, he found a good deal on a giant (we're talking it wouldn't fit in my car big) printer. This was the kind you use in an office somewhere- huge!!! We used it a few times that year, then our computer got some horrible virus and we got a Mac-Mini brain and still use the Dell screen, keyboard and speakers. Once everything was installed we figured out our monster printer was not compatible with the Mac-Mini. Unbelievable. After many failed attempts to sell it on Craig's List, we gave it away and have gone without for well over a year. Although we only print maybe 10 pages a year, when you want to print something it's such a hassle not to have a printer!

A few months ago Gabe was installing a wireless router he got off e-bay without any instructions and was so frustrated, looking online, making phone calls to all the "techy" people we know and finally found 54 pages of instructions online. Because we had no printer he had to write out the jist!!! I was dying laughing. My husband can be the cheapest man alive. He seriously wrote out short-hand the entire instructions, he would run downstairs trying to remember the rest, forget something, and have to run back up to check he next page and see if he did it right. He STILL held out 5 months to buy a printer...which turned out to only cost $90!!! Hysterical.


  1. That sounds like the Gabe I know...LOL
    Glad you finally got a printer :0)

  2. We have that EXACT printer!! It's great, prints out directions lovely...Gabe will realize it's money well spent! :)