Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A thought for today

So yesterday I had to bring Macy to the Dr for her 2 month check and she had to get 3 shots. I was dreading this appointment for days and nervous the whole night before. I've always heard Mom's know their baby's cry really early on and what each one means, but I've never believed it! Not until I became a mom, that is, and am around this baby all the time. I've learned it's true! Baby's do have different cries and you DO know what each one means! Amazing! All that to say, I've only heard Macy's PAIN cry twice and one of those times was at her last Dr appointment when she got her first shot. I burst into tears and realized something: I am a parent! :)

My friend Tanya was baptized Sunday and said something truly inspiring when asked who Christ was to her. She said for her, Jesus is the perfect example of a truly sacrificial parent. Made me think about how badly it hurts me to see a lightning quick shot given to my daughter, and how I would take that pain FOR her if there was any way I could. I cannot imagine the pain our Heavenly Father felt watching his son get crucified for a world of sinners like me. I could never do it. I can't stand one (or three) little pinches given to my child. Can you imagine the helpless frustration? I've never understood my Lord's love for me quite this clearly, and it makes me weepy.

All that to say, praise the Lord for those of you who were praying for me (and Macy) yesterday at 2:30! The nurse was wonderful, and lightning fast, and although Macy did scream and I know she was hurting, I nursed her right away and she was only a little fussy yesterday and almost 100% today!

And thanks, Tanya, for the perspective Sunday- I was so encouraged by you!


  1. You're not the only teary eyed one Molly! I feel so the same way, and I never understood the sacrifice made for me as much as I did when I first had Wayne. And to know that that is just an inkling of our Father's love for us. Wow! Sometimes there just aren't words to express how much that humbles you, is there?

    And by the way... I LOVE Molly World!

  2. It doesn't matter how many times you watch your kiddos get their shots you still tear up. Avery will be 13 on Mon. and a few weeks ago with her shots to travel I still teared up and she didn't even blink.
    This adoption has also brought into a new light how we are adopted into God's family with the blood of Christ being the stamp approval. I have teared up when thought of this way.
    Man I tear up alot. With Gavins shots and paperwork approvals I'm going to be a mess in China!