Monday, March 1, 2010

It has been quite the day! SPOILER ALERT!
A break-in (see below), a blow-out (see below), a birthday check-up (2 months today) and the BACHELOR finale! I am such a dork. So first of all, how Macy measures up:
Weight: Birth 8 lbs 7 oz, now 9 lbs 14 oz- 30th percentile
Height: Birth 20 1/2 in, now 22 1/2 in- 53rd percentile and
Head Circumference: 75th percentile.
Bottom line, we have a long, lean genius baby girl on our hands. :) I say bless her if she doesn't have a life-long weight problem!!!! :)

So... The Bachelor. My friend Lynn Gustafson (long story, we're not related, rather connected by lots of similar friends, family, people and interests. We became friends off facebook of all things and I really, really like her- she is super fun, loves all the same things as me and is so sweet with Macy) came over tonight in sweats bearing ice cream (the best kind of friend, really) and we discussed important things such as Gymboree sales and the Bachelor! To her credit, Lynn hasn't been watching this season and to my credit, I wouldn't be if I wouldn't have been breast feeding at all hours of the night when it started and I needed shows to fill up my DVR!!! Anyways, I had to grab the flip cam when "On the Wings of Love" started playing at the end of the finale----such a cheesy show but I have to say I loved that touch. Hysterical. So, if you haven't seen it and want to be surprised, don't watch the video! But if you want a laugh and loud dose of "Molly" play away. :) Poor Macy!


  1. are so funny. Glad to see that baby girl is so healthy! She is such a doll and brings a smile to my face every time I see her. And, by the way...I put a new post up. Finally, I know.

  2. I knew it. He sucks! Macy's first girlie TV night though- bonus for her! I am done with the Bachelor now- I can't even bear to look at that girl, and if he wants it then he deserves all he's going to get. I love you guys too! kt x