Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Craft Show

On Thursday, Macy and I went with Katie to the annual Lynden Craft Show to "help" our Aunt Sharon in the Hi Hoe Nursery booth. I say "help" loosely since Macy was there and was a major distraction that didn't allow for much to get done. :)
Macy and Aunt Sharon. I just love how excited Sharon has been for me throughout the whole pregnancy, birth, motherhood process. Sharon is the Mimi of triplets, and still realizes how miraculous and perfect Macy is without ever comparing her to Annie, Abbie or Ellie- I love that she never says, "Can you imagine having THREE of these?" :)

Macy loves her Aunt, and Great- Aunt! She thinks they are both hilarious!
I am loving this new hoodie. It has snaps instead of a zipper and is reversible!!! Thanks Raelene!

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  1. I think she visted someone else that day too - hmmmmmm?