Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birchwood MOPS "Together on Planet Mom"

So today I took Macy to MOPS for the first time (Mothers of Preschoolers)! My friend Sjana (pronounced SHAUN_A) goes regularly and has invited me at least 3 times since Macy's been born and today was the first time it's worked out. I had always thought MOPS was for mom's of older kids, 4's and 5's, but Sjana said it's for all moms so I thought I'd try it once.

I loved it! My friend Kristy from church was there, and I met several other wonderful moms, several with their first babies that are really close to Macy's age. It was wonderful! A whole talk on chores and lots of fellowship and laughter with other moms. Along with the talk was a whole packet of notes and tips for age-appropriate chores... starting at age 2. I know I'm a long way off, but I love learning about parenting and hearing tips on what works. Today a great one was, instead of saying, "We need to clean the house." Try, "I have 3 jobs for you..." I would have liked hearing that so much more, even into my teen years!!! (Probably because I am a person who likes to think any day is manageable and still works best off a list).

Anyway, March is free if you want to come try it out- I'll be there for sure! Birchwood MOPS meets every other Tuesday...

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  1. I use to go to MOPS - yes they've been around that long!!! I loved it too!!