Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today started with a glorious, quiet morning at home bonding while we waited for Gabe to wake up from night shift. Macy and I met up with Lynn at Starbucks in the afternoon, which was lovely. :) I had to snap this picture because Macy was sucking her thumb for only the second time since she's been born! SOOOO cute!
Auntie Kate came over and we took Macy to meet Mom and her friend Patti for pedicures. Such a fun treat! Patti and Mom are taking their husbands to Cabo tomorrow and are pumped for vacation. Katie and I just lived vicariously through them and had our toes done too. Macy watched patiently and snoozed a little in Mimi's arms. :) Katie got some darling pics of them together, but they are on her camera! Rats!
Macy's new trick is to blow bubbles. If she's awake, she's blowing bubbles. If you wipe her mouth, she smiles. It is so fun to watch her grow and change and learn tricks!
Photo-Op with her Auntie.
Katie snapped a new pic of us! Thanks, Kates!
She was super tired for these pics, in her jammies and all... She had just sneezed, which is why I'm cracking up. Her sneezes are so grown up, they make me laugh every time.

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