Monday, March 1, 2010

Uh oh...

I just heard Macy cry and figured it was a wet diaper since I'd just fed her and she was playing on the bed so I go to change her there on the bed and realized as I unsnapped her darling outfit there was poop coming out both sides of the diaper, covering her entire belly, onesie, and outfit seeping through onto me!!!!! I'm committed here, on the bed, have already undone the outfit so I start in on the wipes. Mind you, these are the Walmart wipes that Gabe found are the cheapest (we found later they are cheapest because they are CRAP and don't "wipe" anything, more that they just smear the poop around until you use at least three per diaper change). We have a couple truckloads of these wipes, since Gabe stocked us up, so we're going through them all before we can buy some decent name-brand ones. I think I used about 31 to do a hack-job clean-up trying to avoid giving her a bath since I was saving that for after the Dr appt later today when Macy has to get shots :( Even 31 wipes couldn't avoid it, though, and 30 min later I'm done with that diaper change and my princess is sleeping soundly with a clean, dry bum. :)


  1. Welcome to Motherhood! :) The Kirkland brand wipes are actually really good wipes! Go with those. So sorry baby girl gets shots today. Just snuggle her lots!!

  2. Sorry, we've all been there. :) Seriously, the Costco wipes (Kirkland Signature) are better than the big name brands, and cheaper, too. It always seems like the bad ones last twice as long, though, just because you want to be rid of them so badly! Good luck! :)

  3. Donate them - really - like maybe the church could use them!! :-) These are the things memories are made of! Hugs!