Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Thursday was Huskie Night at the Gustafson house, and Macy was dressed the part! Gabe had planned for days to watch the game, and had to work that day, so we were all on technology lock-down until he got home so he wouldn't know the score by 7 PM.
This onesie is a 6-9 month size, and too big for sure, but I couldn't resist having her wear it for the game!!! Here she is, patiently waiting for her Dad to come home...
I think Macy's favorite part of the day is when she sees Gabe. She gives me smiles, but ALWAYS smiles for her Daddy, she loves him sooo much!
And, of course, he is just as crazy about her as she is for him :) Precious...
They were buddies and watched the game together!
Too bad they lost...!


  1. We've had many of those "technology lockdowns" too! :-) So stinkin' cute in her onesie too. Even though they lost, we can still wear our purple pride!

  2. Love it! Gabe, that is awesome. x

  3. Where were her pom poms?!?!?!? Gabe is an awesome daddy! Just wait until she wants to wear the cheerleader outfit - we'll see how Gabe likes that!!!! :-)