Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Fair Preview...

Macy and I hit the Fair this morning and met up with Auntie Kate for a couple hours to check out the animals. Macy is SO into all animals right now, and I thought, "Why not go more than once this year?" Gabe works all week until Friday, and we're going as a family that day, but decided to do a little preview this morning. Macy LOVED it. She was all over the goat/sheep barn and a couple owners let her pet their goats. Look at her face!
Another highlight was the baby animal petting zoo barn. I think these were guinea pigs or something. She thought they were awesome!

Macy literally tried to climb into this cage and become a part of this little pig family. She was so disappointed when I had her move away from them. :)

She did not think this was close enough to the calves. I think we need to befriend someone who has a farm and just go visit there more.
I think Macy gets her love of animals from Gabe's side of the family. She has NO fear, with any kind of animal, and NO hesitation to pet anything. It makes me a little nervous when you run into a weird dog or something in public but I think overall it's probably a good thing. Shows compassion and kindness. She is very gentle with all the animals...hopefully that will translate to her baby sister soon!

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