Thursday, December 2, 2010

A day of highs and lows.

Today started off with Macy having some serious diarrhea. She had issues yesterday, then today it got worse. So bad, that by 5:00 she had worn 5 different outfits, had two baths and was on a strict BRAT (Banana, rice, applesauce, dry toast) diet and pedilite only. Poor thing spit up huge early this morning, then threw up later, all over me, herself, the floor and a blanket. That's a first, folks! Poor baby.

Recently I have been having anxiety about all the possible scenarios of life while going to school again. I had a thought last night...what if I was pregnant during or after grad school and didn't want to look for work? Would I be penalized? After talking this over with Gabe, and not finding the answer in my trade act paperwork I e-mailed my liaison at worksource, who said yes, by going to school with trade act funds you are agreeing to look for, find, and accept full-time work immediately after graduation. I ran this past Gabe who said, "Absolutely not!"

I called my contact and "dropped out." Nothing was set in stone yet, and I feel like this is such a relief since I didn't want to return to school, rather, I felt like I should since the funding was there and I could. I have major peace about this decision to stay home with Macy and not worry about working (for money!) or school right now. Gabe supports and agrees with me 100%. All to say, I feel like Christmas came December 2nd this year!!!!

Macy and her poop/barf issues turned a corner after we started that Pedilite and she had a good nap this afternoon. After her dinner of bananas and dry toast, we had some visitors come by which made my day!
Friends, we have THE BEST babysitter(s) in the world. I have known these girls since they were born and adore them! Anna, (right) 13, watches Macy for me and usually has one or both sisters there too. Micaela (left) is 11, Sarah 15. Anna not only takes superb care of our baby, she loves to spend time with her and showers her with presents. Carma, their mom, called and said they had something to drop by tonight and it was this INCREDIBLE first ever birthday present for Macy named Fergie Frog. Anna picked it out and bought it with her own money. I couldn't believe that. What 13 year old do you know who spends her free time shopping for baby gifts? It's a froggie chariot that rocks and sings about 123's, ABC's and colors. It's hilarious! I couldn't believe Macy could do it by herself and she was pretty proud up on her Fergie!
I'm going to get some more pictures of her on it tomorrow, these don't do it justice. It has a seat with a backrest!!!! I've never seen anything like it and Macy LOVEs it. So cute!

Thank you so much, Anna Banana, we love you!


  1. What a cute and fun gift!

    And I think every mother has "arrived" when they know the difference between spit up and puke. Welcome.

  2. I'm THRILLED at your decision! Lots of time for work and school later! And trust me - they seem to need you more and more every year (don't tell my 15 year old that - but she does NEEDS me to be available right now :-) Miss you my friend!