Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My girl.

Macy and I spent Sunday afternoon at Grammy and Grandpa's house having some quality time. I can't get over her new smile with those teeth coming in! She is looking a little different every day. I think they might be all the way in by her 1st birthday. :)
Favorite pastimes at Grammy and Grandpa's is practicing standing alone next to the foot stool. She is doing this all day long, the other day Gabe and I both saw her lift a ball over her head! I know one of these days she's going to take off walking, we're just not rushing her. She's busy enough on the ground!
We don't have this toy at our house so she is very into it here. Each month she "gets" it a little more. It's so fun to watch things start to "click" for Macy. She can play peek a boo now, share toys, says words (tries to) when you ask her to... I love this age!
A full on STANDING shot. :) What will she do next?

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  1. Nathan was standing like this before his 1st birthday and then when he "caught on" that we were pleased and happy with this he quit that nonsense and didn't walk until he was 15 months old! Yes - he was even a stinker back then!!