Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new favorite thing(s).

My awesome brother sent me this last week. It's a coupon holder with slots inside for every kind of coupon, even a miscellaneous section! I LOVE it! I was telling him, I hadn't been that surprised or delighted with a gift for a very long time. So creative, practical, useful, and....ME! I spent about 3 hours the other night re-organizing my system, and was armed and dangerous for Rite Aid Monday morning.

They were out of stock of about half my list, but I made a haul on cereal, especially, paying less than 88 cents a box! I think I bought every single box of Kellogs brand cereal they had. 9 in all! I used to pay $4.99 without even thinking about it! Never again!
Inside of those popcorns there were 4 free Red Box codes for movie rentals and other coupons too. All together out of pocket I paid $23.00 and got back $4.00 to use next time I'm there. I will be back... :)

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  1. Okay...I need the names of those tabs of your new system. Looks like a system that I could totally use!!