Saturday, December 11, 2010

Macy's been sick.

My girl has been battling a nasty bug that lasted 11 days. Diarrhea, mostly, non-stop and everywhere. I lost track of how many outfits we went through due to "accidental spillage." Poor girl! I called the Dr. on day 6 just to make sure I was doing everything and the nurse told me this bug lasts 11 days. She was right. This morning she had her first normal diaper!

During the last couple weeks highlights have been "Naked Time" after I change Macy's diaper. She loves to be bare naked and crawl around. This was a dangerous past-time with the chronic diarrhea, but we chanced it to see her so happy. This photo was taken a week ago and that tummy you see is GONE.
Fergie was a bright spot too! Macy likes to stand next to her and rock. Gabe or I have to help her get on, but she can stay up there for awhile by herself!
I think it's funny that out of the zillions of toys in our living room, Macy prefers the Tylenol bottle and my camera case. Go figure.

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