Thursday, July 14, 2011

18 months strawberry picking...

I think it's going to be a tradition in our house to bring Macy strawberry picking every summer and snap a candid photo. Last year I got the best picture of her, it was just darling, and I think this year's are pretty cute, too. Something about being outside, with fruit all over, the sun out...I love that sweet face!
Auntie Kate was awesome, as usual, and agreed to come help!
Macy couldn't figure it out at first, she really liked having her own bucket, but didn't quite know how to start.
After watching us pick for a few minutes, she got down to business!

She ate a couple...
Posed a little...
And examined what she'd got so far. (Let me tell you, nothing in that bucket was edible, but she was guarding it!)
About 10 minutes in she got sick of picking, dumped her bucket and then started eating dirt.

My little darling "Dirt Beard!" 2011

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